Another motherfucking website Laurynas Karvelis @ Explosive Brains Ltd.


Backend Javascript development contract services for various sizes of businesses ranging from corporations to startups. Get recent CV here.

  • Main tools: Node.js, Express.js, yarn or npm
  • Testing: BDD, E2E testing with Mocha, Chai, Istambul for code coverage
  • Continuous integration/deployment using Jenkins/Hudson, Bamboo
  • Git, Github, Gitlab, peer reviews
  • Javascript, PHP, Java, C, C++, Assembler
  • (x)HTML, CSS (Sass, Less), XML, XSLT
  • MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Bash, systemd services
  • Nginx, Apache

Personal life

Main life objective - self actualization.

  • Epistomology, psychology, philosophy, theology, science, politics
  • Arch Linux, i3wm, dwm, vim, ranger, qutebrowser
  • Quadcopters, FPV, Betaflight
  • Crypto currencies, Forex, finance
  • Electronics, carpentry, wood work
  • Work :)